Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Jilla Song Pattu Onnu and Kattu Kuyilu

We can hardly find a malayalee who has not heard the song Thannannam Thanannam Thalathiladi from the movie Yathra (1985). the song is beautifully written and can be easily sung due to the simplicity of the lyrics( O.N.V Kurup) and the pleasant music ( Ilayaraja). A students group  on a trip, travelling by bus singing a song- anybody who has watched the movie or even the song will always relate such a situation to this song. The director ( Balu Mahendra) has etched the scene in the memory of every viewer.

The director and music director of the movie Classmates(2006) who have made the song Kattadi Thanalum ( Director: Lal Jose, Music: Alex Paul and Lyrics: Vayalar Sharath Chandra Varma) are either inspired from the song of Yathra or has consciously attempted to make it similar. The similarity helped the song to become popular in a very short period. 

The song in Jilla( 2014) Pattu Onnu is sung by S.P. Balasubramanium and Shankar Mahadevan.
Actors are Vijay ( Tamil Actor) and Mohanlal ( Malayalam Actor). The song has drum beats like in festivals.     

The song Kattu Kuyilu from the Mani Ratnam Movie Thalapathi(1991) was sung by S.P. Balasubramanium and K.J.Yesudas. The actors were Ranikanth( Tamil actor) and Mammootty( Malayalam Actor). One cannot ignore the similarity while listening to the songs.


If the song in Jilla is made as a conscious attempt to be similar to the song in Thalapathy, and  if he has nothing more/new to offer, then the director is doing injustice to the audience
On the whole it feels like living in Shakespearean period where similarity with a classical work was appreciated. We have done this to ourselves by making a viewership trend where a director or a script writer can  easily tread and gain short term benefits. Let us be unpredictable for getting better films and songs in future.

Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year Wishes In SIX different Indian Languages

Puthu Varsha Asamsakal
Nav varsh ki shubhkamnaye
Happy New Year
Hosa Varshada Shubhashayagalu
Putthaandu Vaazhthukkal
Navin varshaachya shubecha

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Drishyam Malayalam Movie: A review

Note: This review is meant only for those who have watched the movie ( is not meant for those who are going to watch the movie after reading a review. )

The story revolves around a family, their relationships and an incident which changes their otherwise smooth life. The script writer does a wonderful job, as the script is getting as close to the life of a family, to the maximum a commercial film can, without boring the audience. The actors
Mohanlal as Georgekutty deserves such roles, as he is not utilized to his full potential these years may be due to his choice of roles as a protagonist.
    Meena as Rani
    Ansiba Hassan as Anju
    Esther as Anu
gave lifelike performances.
A middle class family with girl children can identify themselves with the characters and connect with them, and this is the major strength of the movie. The main plot resembles the story Devotion of Suspect X vaguely, but that resemblance is only in the crime committed in the story.
Kalabhavan Shajon as Sahadevan deserves special credit for choosing a very different kind of role as an antagonist and doing it very convincingly. (as the actor is famous as a comedian in various films)

    Siddique as Prabhakar
    Asha Sarath as IG Geetha Prabhakar
    Roshan Basheer as Varun
    Neeraj Madhav as Monichan
    Irshad as SI Suresh Babu
    Kunchan as Madhavan
    Kozhikode Narayanan Nair as Sulaimanikka
    Baiju V.K as Soman
    P. Sreekumar as Rani's Father
    Sobha Mohan as Rani's Mother
    Koottickal Jayachandran as Murali
    Kalabhavan Rahman as Bus Conductor
    Kalabhavan Haneef as Theatre Operator
    Antony Perumbavoor as Antony
    Pradeep Chandran

all did their roles well.
Cinematography is good . The film is a must watch.

A crime is committed, even if one escapes from the clutches of  law, conscience does a very big role in the  life of the persons involved. If the future of the family was discussed in that way, it would turn out to be an art film with limited audiences.  Director Jeethu Joseph is sensible in choosing an ending where the audience has no complaints.

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tips to Download movies, songs and save your PC from powerfailure

This tip is for those who have internet connections at their homes and with a low battery UPS battery back up and who loves to download movies and songs,
1 ) Download and install the utility winoff http://www.ampsoft.net/utilities/WinOFF.php
2) Connect your modem directly to the power supply ( not through the UPS),  so when the power fials immediately the downloads or the network transfer is zero.
3) Open winoff , select the network transfer Enabled.Select the shutdown mode as combined tranfer below 1Kbps and select "during" ( time for shutdown as 10ms or required value), click activate.

 This will save your hard drive from immediate power failure ,which may even cause the operating system corrupted  (without proper shutdown)